Ernesto Sarasa

Since 1989 I have combined my work as graphic designer and illustrator with musician, DJ, sound artist and video artist. After having studied “Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques” at Eina University School of Design and Art of Barcelona, my multidisciplinary vocation directed my work towards the different fields of the new media. Thanks to continuous training and several new media projects from 2003 to present, I am discovering new possibilities on graphic design and illustration through audio-visual experimentation and animation.

Then I began to create audio-visual pieces of animation, and since 2008 I include my own designed sounds and musical compositions in them, using samplers and field recordings, manipulating them and disintegrating them with electronic resources. The audio-visual became for me to the ideal medium for my work, that is excluded of mercantilistic logic and focused on the artistic creation, using moving image, design, illustration and sound.

I investigate the diverse possibilities between image, sound, rhythm, and aesthetics, through aleatoric and chance-controlled procedures.

Since 2010 I have developed a live cinema show and sound-art project called Fonosträbico, in which I explore new paths of audio-visual narrative, by means of an induced dialogue between sounds, music and images: elements that work as signs of a story with open and contextual meanings. The aim is to defy the traditional narrative method, with a nonlinear and experimental itinerary, to generate richer, poetic and unpredictable stories.

I have performed in several cities, events, national and international festivals. I have also made several audio-visual works for presentations, short films, dance, exhibitions, and new media installations.

Ernesto Sarasa / 2020