Ente, content and process

Ente includes fifty animated illustrations which traverse the more recurrently concepts of the audio-visual media: nature, science, society, commerce, architecture and urbanism. I worked on images that range from microscopic biological textures of nature to advertising, supermarket stands, architectonic structures and urban landscapes. After all, macroscopic and microscopic representations with a personal interpretation, a disruption of these concepts to build images of false reality or science fiction.

I adapted all this visuals to a circular - sometimes spheric - format like animated mandalas, to achieve aesthetic coherence, and an immersive, mystic, hypnotic experience. Here are some of the frames, taken from some of the visuals, projected on the central circle:

I use field recordings, urban and natural sound landscapes, analog or digital samplers and synthetic sounds, as in my other works. I manipulate the sound, transform it and decontextualize it. In this process harmony or music sometimes arises, almost always spontaneously, from the noise or the rhythmic cadences of the silences.
Altogether there are thirty pieces composed for the quadraphonic system of Ente, which are divided in two groups: sonorous and melodic. The device selects a random sequence of these pieces and combines them in a panoramic movement through four speakers, to achieve a surround listening.
Here you can listen to previews: